November 25th, 2007

Zero/Yuki:The Forbidden Love

Interest icons + hp + gossip girl + fashion + 2 textures AND SUGGESTION POLL

content list:
[01-20] interest icon:misc
[21-49] hp:rupe, emma, jessie, rhr, lav
gossip girl
[72-79] lost:most features claire
[80-84] olsen twins
[85-97] fashion/model:jessica and gemma included
[banner] love triangle:won-won, mione, lav
[texture] 03:gray grunge no.2 + 04:sparking lights

Rules and Notes: 
 If you like my works, please comment, cause your comment is my biggest power^__^
 If taking/using, please comment, it's just let me know what you like or take, and CREDIT ME, please.(If using the banner/header, please credit me in your profile, thank you) 
 NO HOTLINKING(cuase maybe one day I will delete the graphicsXDD)
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won-won, time to make choice!?XD )
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