October 13th, 2007


I'm in the process of setting up a fansite for Jo Rowling and am making a graphics section to include wallpapers, icons & banners. There aren't many of Jo around so if anyone would like to make some to be showcased on the site please let me know =) You'll get full credit and a link to wherever you want =)

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23 icons and banners - Emma Watson mostly

Not quite back on form yet. I'm getting there slowly :)
Okay, here are some Emma Watson icons for you to use at your pleasure. There are also a few banners and friends only banners. I'm new at the banners thing so they might not be as great :P

Please credit. Comments are love. No Hotlinking. Friend me if you like what you see :)

14 Emma Watson icons
4 Friends only banners
3 Emma Watson banners
2 Dan/Emma banners


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