May 15th, 2007


[icons] Multifandom Post ( Stock, London, Harry Potter Movies, Cristina Aguilera )

Hello, sweeties!

Having fun for the weekend? Good for you. I am kinda sick today with a never ending fever and couldn't go out, so I decided to post some icons I had saved in my pc. I've been messing around with the new 'sensation' of icon-coloring - blue and green. Good shift from the intense red I had been using for the past batches. Some icons are pretty crappy, but they were 'five-finger-exercises'. Hope one next batch will look nicer.

We have in menu 49 icons. Your options, ladies and gentlemen: 

[04] Random Stock
[06] London
[33] Harry Potter ( OotP, GoF and PoA )
[06] Christina Aguilera ( in her 'Ain't No Other Man' video )

A quick preview:

preview*01 preview*02 preview*03

( Oh noes! A fake-cut! )
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