March 20th, 2007

btvs // bangel kick

Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone bases

had these lying around... sorry for the occasional strange coloring on the bases, i had done these using older screencaps, theres loads better quality out there now...*kicks self*

oh and an additional note: no hermione/ron bases are going to be found here. it's strictly the trio and/or harry/hermione seeing as how im a "harmony" fan! sorry!

Movie: Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone (first movie)
Character(s): Harry, Hermione, and Ron (occasional others thrown in)
401 bases below (it's a lot, i realize that)


Harry, no way! You heard what Madame Hooch said, besides, you don't even know how to fly! [Harry ignores Hermione's advice, gives Malfoy an evil look, and then flies up.] What an idiot!

btvs // bangel kick

Harry/Hermione bases

yes im a H/Hr shipper and darn proud of it!!! i dont have anything against R/Hr, i just think h/hr would make a better couple than r/hr could ever be. with that being said....loooooooooots of h/hr bases to love! i used a lot from the movies, a lot of emma and dan as well. there is a manip image thrown in here and there, but not a lot really. theres a bunch of really rare images -made into bases- of harry/hermione and dan/emma in the download file. enjoy! (oh and there is a few of harry (dan) and hermione (emma) by themselves as well)

Oh and just a fun little addition, 3 icons I made, you're welcome to take it - just credit </a></b></a>karanna1 (oh and I know that all of them bash Rupert/Ron but it's nothing personal, I like Ron, it's just when seeing these pictures...the ideas were too good to resist!
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now onto the bases!!!!

Movie: Harry Potter (1-5)
Shipper: Harry & Hermione
332 bases below (YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT, 332!!!)


At once, Hermione Granger's voice seemed to fill his head...

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001-031 :: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
032-034 :: Eliza Dushku
035-041 :: Hearts
042-042 :: House
043-052 :: Harry Potter
053-055 :: Michelle Trachtenberg
056-076 :: Photography (If you have a better word for it, let me know)
077-106 :: Potterpuffs (if taking, also credit potterpuffs)
107-112 :: Veronica Mars
113-113 :: Veronica Mars cast

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