March 17th, 2007


[icons] Multi-fandom - 103 icons ( HP, Stock, Amelie Poulin )

My dearest ones,

I am back with a very democratic batch. This is one of the best batches of stock I have made up to now ( so I think ) and I am actually really proud of them. *pats myself on the head*. The Harry Potter ones are not particularly brilliant, but I guess I managed to do what I wanted: try unusual croppings and pretty warm colors. Someone will be happy to see there are more Arthur Weasley icons!And there are some icons of HP cast - pretty dull ones, but if you like the actors, they will do. Also, this is- I hope - my last post with Amelie Poulin icons, since I tried nearly every coloring effect I knew on them. So, it's over. I usually make icons of model Boyd Holbrook as Draco Malfoy, but I found some pics of this very cute actor, Micheal Pitt and depending on the moment of his career he looks terribly good as Malfoy. Enjoy, him, my ladies! So, here are the numbers of today:

[30] Harry Potter
[07] Harry Potter Cast
[03] Michael Pitt & Boyd as Draco Malfoy
[04] Stock: Strawberries
[10] Stock:candy
[10] Stock: sushi
[02] Stock: random ( puppy dog; ballerina )
[24] Stock: fashion photos
[01] Cartoon: witch
[12] Amelie Poulin

                                                          = 103 icons

Menu, please:

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for next post: Harry Potter banners & Marie Antoinette icons

( This is not quite a fake cut, actually. It's a portkey. Really, it is.  )
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