February 24th, 2007


[icons] Five-fingers exercise ~ 112 icons! ( HP, STOCK, ALAN RICKMAN )

Hello, my darlings!

So, this batch would be a total monotony if there were no a good deal of icons made out of the first shots of young Severus Snape, James Potter, Sirius Black, Peter Petegrew and Nymphadora Tonks. So, the Order of the Phoenix is in the menu for today. The caps' quality was crappy, but the icons are quite decent. The thing for this post is stock: Japanese food, tea, chocolate and LONDON! There are some random Harry Potter's old movies icons and some randomness, such as Alan Rickmann and HP cast and a few Amadeus and Amelie Poulain icons. I was trying a different coloring and I realized it didn't really work out with all the icons I had in mind, so... This batch is quite 'experimental', but not very hihly imaginative... I do like the stock ones, though.

So, let's check what we have in the menu for today?

[10] Alan Rickman ( mostly Dogma icons )
[05] Amadeus
[04] Amelie Poulin
[07] Hot Chocolate ( stock )
[02] Daniel Radcliffe ( for Extras on HBO )
[04] Emma Watson
[09] London
[20] Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix scenes ( includes Marauders, Snape & Tonks )
[39] Harry Potter random icons
[05] Japanese Food
[04] Tea
[01] Text icon ( HP related ) 

=112 icons!

First look, don't be fooled: I have more 109 of these cuties under the cut!

preview00.1 preview00.2 preview00.3

( Here we go round the prickly pear, prickly pear prickly pear ) -> and this is means a fake cut, homies...
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