February 7th, 2007

harry potter

[icons and banners] Randomness ( Harry Potter, Billy Elliot, Stock )

Hi, kids!

So, I am back with more text, Deathly Hallows-themed icons you can take... So I was skimming through lots of journals now and people have been doing really amazing stuff with text and DanRad pics, so I thought I should just add a little contribution of mine. This huge batch includes lots of random HP icons, lots of Deathly Hallow themed icons ( text and image ) and also some nice stock and a few Billy Elliot icons. Plus, you'll have four OotP banners for you to have fun with in your own journal.

Hope you enjoy. Lots of love.

Here's the deal:

07 ~ Billy Elliot icons
08 ~ Stock icons
54 ~ Harry Potter icons
04 ~ Banners

Here's a teaser ( don't let it fool you, this tiny post has much more than that! )


Get all the Potter love you can show, my fangirls!
( ohmygod a fake cut!!! )
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