February 2nd, 2007


Re-call: Daniel, white horse and Countdown text icons! [15 icons]

Hello, darlings!

Have you been shocked to know in ONE week that Dan Radcliffe has pubic hair indeed  AND that Rowling will be finishing her saga on July 31st? So, here there is more to it. I made a very opportunistic batch of 15 icons. Here you'll delight yourself with half-naked Dan ( must I say I have seen better bellies? He looks cute to me still. My brother looks cute to me. :/ ) and some text icons for the countdown to 'Deathly Hallows'. It is a complementation/correction of this batch here which contains text icons for the movie and some icons with a wrong supposed date of the release of the book. Now, it is corrected!

So, the teasers!

teaser.001 teaser.002 teaser.003

( well, it had to end someday, didn't it? )
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001-049: Prisoner of Azkaban
050-091: Panic! At the Disco
092-126: Mischa Barton
127-148: Julia Roberts/Dakota Fanning
149-168: Kristen Bell
169-181: Greys Anatomy Cast
182-193: Jake Gyllenhaal
194-201: Jim Carrey
202-205: Justin Long
206-209: Kirsten Dunst
210-212: Kelly Clarkson
213-214: Topher Grace
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The X-Files: 2x20 - Humbug *part of my 9 Season Chronological Iconage Project
Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire (Part 4) * part of a weekly installment of GoF icons
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