January 25th, 2007

[icons] Amadeus ( movie ), stock and Harry Potter

Hi, my dear children!

One last batch before absolute silence ( no, not that dramatic, I just don't have any more icons to post, really... :)
So, this batch includes some Harry Potter icons, some stock icons ( some are quite 'adult', if you know what I mean ) and  LOTS of 'Amadeus' icons. I just love the movie and decided to test some coloring on it. Have fun with our freaky-Mozart and his hyper-colored wigs! :)

So, here's what I have in menu for you today:

26 icons...

{ 04 } Harry Potter OotP
{ 04 } Stock
{ 18 } Amadeus

And the teeeeeser!:

x1x x2x x3x

( follow the rabbit! )
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