January 19th, 2007

baby duck

[icons] 33 multifandom post

Hi, little fellows!

So, that week was murder... It's finally over! I am so happy it's getting to an end that I decided to make you my HP lovers some 'countdown' icons for Harry Potter's new movie & last book. And added some other stuff I had kept here for your entertainment. So, here's the deal:

  • 10 text icons for Harry Potter new book & and movie.

  • 06 Dan Radcliffe's icons ( from HBO's Extras )

  • 08 Lost in Translation icons.

  • 09 Harry Potter's icons

Have fun with them! And for the text icons: I may take requests on text icons if you'd rather have other text in mind. ( I was smart enough this time to save the psd files... )

teaserxx01 teaserxx02 teaserxx03

the original is lways better than a copy, kiddo...
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