December 21st, 2006


41 Icon batch

Hi, my dear icon fellows!

I have a huge batch of icons to offer you tonight. I tried a pretty different coloring from the one I'd been using for a while. Thanks a lot to applementos who was kind enough to share her tutorials and helped me lots with this. You should really visit her, she has amazing stuff there.

So, here is the deal, they are 41 icons for you to have fun with.

[ 01-34 ]  Harry Potter
[ 36-41 ] Marie Antoinette

Teaser time!

preview #01 preview #02 preview #03

( follow the witty little text to find the icons... )
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x Stocks
x Adam Brody
x Alexis Bledel
x Anne Hathaway
x Gwyneth Paltrow
x Kate Beckinsale
x Kate Hudson
x Keira Knightley
x Scarlett Johansson
x Kisrten Dunst
x Liv Tyler
x Mischa Barton
x Rachel Bilson

x Marie Antoinette
x The Devil Wears Prada
x Harry Potter
x Gilmore Girls


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You can find the rest HERE

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