March 16th, 2006

♥ a proud mom ♥

A real pleasure! ^^

Hello people!
I was watching an interview with Daniel Radcliffe last night, and I started to take some sreenshots from the clip to end up with doing some icons! ^^ It was so funny that I did a lot of them! LOL

anyway, there they are...

if the sentences sound weird, tell me! ^^* (I'm a french first lol)
if you can't read what's on the icons, tell me! ^^'


12. 20. 25.

can have some R and/or slashist content! ^^
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have a nice day!

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- Credit exeunt.
- Comment if taking; praises would be nice.
- Do not modify textless icons; they are not bases.
- Absolutely no hotlinking; I'll kill you, because it kills me.

( +36 )

01-11: Rupert Grint
12-19: Harry Potter
20-24: Robert Pattinson
25-26: James & Oliver Phelps
27-00: HP actors
28-00: HP trio
29-31: Ron/Hermione
32-39: Cillian Murphy
hermione around corner

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+Textless Icons Are NOT Bases
+No Hotlinking or Stealing
+No Reposting on Xanga
+Comment (say which one using the #)
+Credit snowflakie06

[32] One Tree Hill
[20] Harry Potter
[12] Little Mermaid 2
[9] Chronicles of Narnia
[8] Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
[8] Star Wars Episode 2
[7] Gilmore Girls
[4] Iron Jawed Angels
[2] The Princess Bride


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