February 15th, 2006

Draco..Stroke it.

Mass Icon Collection.

Ok, I've been making icons for a while now. And now I've decided to share the love. =D
Some I might have posted before, but doing it anyway.
So I have icons.
Oh and like I said, these are all my icons. Not much but still. Some are really old, so don't be mean, I know some are ametuer looking. xD

Teasers: , , .

A total of 130 icons.
21 - Harry Potter.
18 - Ewan McGregor.
25 - Cillian Murphy.
17 - Hayden Christensen.
14 - Ginger Snaps.
9 - Clark Kent.
26 - Misc.

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I make a lot of icons when I'm bored, but I don't always post them. Also, I enter a lot of icontests, but never show those icons off when they don't win (or when they do...on a rare occasion)So here's my cleanup post...

Non Movie Canon Series (10)
Misc Harry Potter (70)


(Find the rest here!)